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Our tea blends pair exotic and delightful flavors with white, green, oolong, tisanes, and black loose teas. We combine aromatic flavors and natural ingredients with premium tea leaves from around the world for an unmatched collection of exclusive flavors. We carefully select and handcraft our tea blends to ensure maximum quality. We microblend and package small batches guaranteeing you get the finest loose tea for every cup.

1000 Cranes

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Caribbean Dream

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Hibiscus Breeze

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Sasparilla Sunshine

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Lemon Ginger Snap

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Hazlenut Vanilla

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Spiced Masala Chai

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Green Rooibos

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Turn Tea Time into “ME" Time with our Subscription

Want to enjoy quality tea blends all month long? Subscribe to get your monthly selection of specially curated, lip-smacking teas delivered directly to your door. We offer 4 subscription options: month-to-month, and 3, 6, 12-month cycles with discounted prices.

Each tea subscription box includes:

  • Three 1oz. preselected premium loose teas that will leave you craving for more
  • Tea accessories to improve your tea experience in a jiffy
  • Tea storage tins to keep your teas fresh and ready to enjoy anywhere, anytime


We offer high-quality loose-leaf tea with more sophisticated flavor profiles and aromas. Unlike tea leaves crammed in tiny tea bags, steeping our loose tea allows leaves to absorb water and expand after infusion. As a result, the water flows through the tea leaves and extracts a variety of vitamins, flavors, minerals, and aromas from them.

Sustainable Packaging

With our eco-friendly and sustainable packaging, we blend our beloved heritage with more environmentally aware initiatives. It is part of our company’s objective to decrease waste in landfills and use as much biodegradable materials as possible.

No Harmful Additives

We understand that today’s tea drinkers are quite different from the sippers in the past. They prefer tea over coffee, sodas, and energy drinks for a more natural caffeine boost that does not include unsafe flavorings or artificial ingredients. That’s why we ensure all our products are health-friendly and good for the environment.

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